Tulsi Tea - Level Ground Trading

Nine small-scale tea growers in Assam, India are growing tea organically and processing their own tea and their garden sites. Their organic gardens are a haven for birds and microorganisms and their entrepreneurship is inspiring.

Farmer Profile: The tea growers process tea by hand, and dry in small facilities in each tea garden. Each tea garden employs between 5 and 20 labourers.

Direct Fair Trade Premiums: Premiums for tea go entirely to the labourers and the decision as to what the money put towards is determined by the labourers in an open meeting. Historically, premiums have gone towards water filtration for each home and piglets to raise and sell for profit. 

Flavour Profile: Smooth, sweet, soothing.

Serving Tips: This tulsi blend is best enjoyed when steeped for 5-7 minutes. During that time frame, the sweetness from the true cinnamon and stevia is released, while allowing the weight of the tulsi and green tea to balance the cup.

  • $6.00