Special! Mystery Cheese Box - VERY Limited Quantity

If you’re a turophile, yes that’s what they would call a cheese lover in the 1930s, then you will surely enjoy our mystery cheese box. Each month we handpick 3 to 4 types of cheese from around the world for you to taste and try. We include a bonus item that changes from month-to-month for an extra surprise.

In the box, you will find descriptions of the cheese, their tasting notes, and beverage pairings that go well with each item. From wine to beer, and spirits we make sure to give you the options you need to leave your taste buds coming back for more. There are even food pairings for those who love to take their cheese experience to the next level. Please note that our offerings change every month - this picture does not represent what you will receive. Always a surprise!! 

  • $50.00
  • $58.00