Fermentation Starter Kit - Recap Mason Jars

Are you new to fermentation? Or are you looking to make a small batch ferment? The Mason Jars Company Fermentation Starter Kit is perfect for fermentation beginners and small batch ferments!

1. reCAP Venti Mason Jar Set with The Original reCAP Mason jar POUR lid in Silver and a 24 ounce Ball Mason jar

2. reCAP Fermenter: Fermentation waterless airlock with an authentic one way valve. The reCAP fermenter is low-profile and durable!

3. Fermentation Weight: 4 ounce Ball Mason jar to be used as a fermentation weight to keep your ferment submerged under fermenting brine/juices to prevent mold.

4. Himalayan Pink Salt from The Spice Lab: 100% Raw, Natural, and Unrefined. Best fermentation salt! 2.5 ounce packet (measures 1/4 cup)

**Fermentation Kit also includes instructional guide and 3 fermentation recipes for fermenting beginners (Ginger Carrots ferment recipe, Hot Sauce fermentation recipe, & a Salsa fermentation recipe) + free fermentation download to our Fermentation Made Easy eBook with 9 unique fermentation recipes!

  • $25.00