Coconut Oil - Virgin

This oil is cold-pressed from fresh, wet coconut meat and then extracted with a cold centrifuge so it is kept cool throughout the entire production process. It is never treated with chemicals or solvents.

The resulting oil is pure, clear when melted, and has a delicious, mild coconut flavor. The flavor is almost that of fresh coconut milk, except that it is only the oil of the coconut. Many people report that it has a less "greasy" feeling than other coconut oils, making it ideal for skin and haircare as well.

We’ve certified our oil R.A.W. to make sure you get a minimally-processed product that retains a valuable amount of micronutrients. 

Made on machinery that processes a variety of tree nuts and seeds, but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

Ingredient: Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • $10.00