Chicken Breast - Boneless, Skinless - 4 oz x 35 pcs

Choice, succulent, skinless, boneless, chicken breasts - 17% Meat Protein, Individually Quick Frozen.

- Delicious prepared in a variety of ways, chicken can feature in breakfast meals in omelettes or scrambles, for lunch on sandwiches or in salads, and for dinner roasted or fried. Chicken is flavourful with garlic, lemon, basil, orange curry - the options are nearly endless.
- A versatile and affordable protein source, chicken is easy to work with and pairs well with dozens of seasonings, flavours and menu items.
- Chicken is a good source of protein, iron, vitamins B-12 and B-6, magnesium, copper and other essential nutrients.
- Chicken can be fried, broiled or baked. For food safety purposes, cook chicken to an internal temperature of 74 C.
- The packaging is designed for efficient storage in the freezer section of your food service operation.